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What Is An Open Source Booking System? What You Should Know

If you find yourself wondering what an open source booking system is, it is a program that you can use on your website to manage bookings, the only difference is that with a regular booking software, you need to pay for it. An open source booking system, on the other hand, is totally free to use.

Not only is is totally free to use, you can do whatever you want with it. In other words, if you need to make customizations in order to make it truly work for you, you can do it. This is so unlike other paid programs where the features are practically set in stone.

But how is it that you can modify an open source booking system? The answer can be found in the first two words: open source. Open source means that the creator of the software has made the source code public. If you know anything about software programs, you already know that the source code is the DNA that determines how a program will look and function.

If you are running a hotel or any business in the travel agency, you absolutely need to have a website that has a booking system. Programs that are not open source, however, can be expensive. You have an option in open source programs.

Take note, though, if you need to make changes to the booking system, you need to have a professional programmer do it. You can do it, however, if you are a non-technical person, you might end up ruining your version of the software. Thankfully, though, there are services out there that are dedicated to customizing open source programs.

Open source programs are all around. For every software that used heavily, there is an open source version of it. For example, while you can use the paid Microsoft Office, you can also use Open Office. The best thing about it is that Open Office is free on top of being open source.

This brings us to another important point about open source programs: they are free to use, which is a relief to most businesses. If you take a program as is and do not make any changes, you can have a booking system at no cost your business at all.

So, which open source booking programs can you find on the market? There is Gizmo, among others. You can download your version of the software on https://github.com/Rezgo/rezgo-parser. However, please take note: It is not the only software of its kind in the market. It is, however, one of the most recognized names of open source booking software.

If you want to check out other software, make sure to do a search on Google. Just like anything, not all of them are created alike. And so, you will want to check out how different they are from one another. You might want to test each software on your website before deciding which one to use.

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