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Google hacked

So there you are on your private wireless network at home moving documents and someone intercepts it.

Or you’re on internet banking and someone scans your session.

Or you’re just on the internet, say Facebook, and someone downloads or monitors this information.

You’ve been hacked.

Google recently “accidentally recorded data from unsecured domestic Wi-fi” when driving by houses photographing the street for streetcam. They did exactly this sort of thing. If you were transmitting over the wi-fi network at the time they drove past they recorded that data.

Hacking often leads to copying your data. And Google copied and stored the data. This is called theft in most peoples lingo. There is a guy being extradicted to the US for doing something similar to a military computer.

But its ok the networks were not secure. Wrong. If I leave my window open and a burglar climbs copys my hard drive it is still illegal entry and theft.

But its ok it was an accident. Really you accidentally had a program scanning for wireless networks? That is something you have just lying around to transmit from the antennae. Why exactly do you need that?

GPS devices don’t transmit. Bluetooth needs a sync’d connection.

So the next step is that ‘oh no we breached your privacy’. Yup let’s own up to that and hope no one thinks about the theft and hacking charges that may be supported by an investigation.


And there we have it. They were deliberately mapping the information


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