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Email = the appearance of service

If you are an ecommerce site you tend not to talk to your customers much, if at all. So if you’re looking to build a relationship with the customer, you need to appear to provide service. To achieve this, email is a key tool.

Email keeps the customer informed and it is automatic, cheap, can be controlled and customised by the customer and duplicates human service. Here are some ways to use email to create the appearance of service:

1.    Trigger updates to the customer on products or subscriptions they have bought. Delivery of information as it changes keeps the customer better informed than they would be if you relied on humans to deliver updates.
2.    Send confirmations immediately after customer actions. It’s like being in the bank applying for a loan and the bank clerk goes “that’s great, that’s all we need to process that”. The customer has that warm glow of achievement and is prepped to move to the next stage of the buying cycle.
3.    Notify the customer by email before you do something on their account. It allows the customer to opt-out of an action giving them a feeling of control.
4.    Use email to remind them to finish a process. Customers commit to a process then sometimes things fall off the radar. People get busy, but this doesn’t mean they don’t want to complete the task. Letting them know you’re as eager for them to finish a task (like an application process) shows them their business is valued.
5.    Trigger cross sell emails. Let customers know what similar customers find useful.
6.    Trigger emails suggesting optimisation. Let customers know of cheaper ways to using the service.
7.    Add a staff email in a newsletter when looking for feedback. It shows someone does actually read and care about their comments.

These are just a few examples, but you can use email to appear to serve in many ways. Just adapt what humans a normally do, automate as much as you can and hey presto! You’ll suddenly be building relationships without even knowing it, in inboxes everywhere.

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