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F Commerce – the fight for online advocates

No it’s not an expletive. F-Commerce is the brand many now apply to the those situations when you’re ‘doing business on Facebook’. I’ve come across an interesting white paper about F-Commerce today. (READ: It was sent to me by our sister agencies marketing types). There is a very good overview of everything about commerce in Facebook. […]

hyundai i40 reveal

The latest reveal from Hyundai is v cool. I’ve just signed up to the Facebook app from the Hyundai i40 website to control the cameras around the car. It plays it back in a nice light show and has become very addictive. HiRes have also put together an behind the scenes video of the warehouse. […]

Social SEO

My discovery of social ranking signals earlier this year is finally becoming clearer. Though I still don’t believe the full story has been told. Last night Google announced a form of negative sentiment algorithm to penalize those with poor online reputations. Additionally, searchengineland has unpicked ratings and interviewed Google and Bing and gotten some straight […]