Julian Grainger

Head of SEO at Unique


Don’t pay too much for your Google Adwords

Number one ranking for nearly every Google Adwords search term? Best read this because you may be paying too much. Google Adwords provides a great interface to choose relevant keywords that people are searching for with their keyword tool. But there are several drawbacks if you’re new to using it and your required cost per […]

F Commerce – the fight for online advocates

No it’s not an expletive. F-Commerce is the brand many now apply to the those situations when you’re ‘doing business on Facebook’. I’ve come across an interesting white paper about F-Commerce today. (READ: It was sent to me by our sister agencies marketing types). There is a very good overview of everything about commerce in Facebook. […]

Most valuable BRIC brands

There are some v cool infographics coming out of BrandZ right now. Heres a very good BRIC one. It shows the world is now being taken over by fast growing businesses most of us have never heard of. The world is changing. You will be able to learn alot of things about the SEO and […]

SEO in 2011

Reading some interesting opinions on the future ranking signals got me thinking. My team is running some interesting experiments on Google Places at the moment and we have also been running some seeding campaign lately. Based on the effects these have had and the recent announcements from Google Ive come up with some predictions. For […]

hyundai i40 reveal

The latest reveal from Hyundai is v cool. I’ve just signed up to the Facebook app from the Hyundai i40 website to control the cameras around the car. It plays it back in a nice light show and has become very addictive. HiRes have also put together an behind the scenes video of the warehouse. […]

Social SEO

My discovery of social ranking signals earlier this year is finally becoming clearer. Though I still don’t believe the full story has been told. Last night Google announced a form of negative sentiment algorithm to penalize those with poor online reputations. Additionally, searchengineland has unpicked ratings and interviewed Google and Bing and gotten some straight […]

Blog spam of the week

Someone is doing a great business in blog profile link spam. Ive come across some beauties lately. Here are a few snippets. Completely I share your opinion. Idea good, I support Yes, good site redesign Thanks for making such a valuable blog, sincerely Kobos Mathers. Over 50 life insurance Anything about betting on twitter Comments […]