Julian Grainger

Head of SEO at Unique


Happy birthday www

It’s 20 years old last Friday 6th August! After the internet celebrated it’s 40th in 2009, Berners Lee’s www experiment is the next to shout. I remember this as in late 1991 we too could jump on bulletin boards at Massey University in NZ via the Waikato Uni gateway (or was it ’92!). Ever since that […]

Ray Ozzies pastorama

After having a giggle at FakeSteve, I checked out the post in question. Internet services disruption is a step back in time to 2005. It examines the landscape and opportunities available setting a clear direction for Microsoft in the next 5 years. Excerpts include: The power of the advertising-supported economic model. Digital Advertising to rule […]

Embracing the internet

Having a conversation the other day it dawned on me that businesses, outside of the cool kids in marketing, really haven’t started to embrace the internet yet. An example where the way an HR department worked. They interviewed candidates only in their city. If someone wanted a job and they were from a different city […]