Julian Grainger

Head of SEO at Unique

Customer insight via Google

This is the second part of my statement that the real value of Google is not in the lead generation, but in critical bits of information about brand and consumer behaviour. This is about what are people searching and how are they looking for your product. Google provides timely information about how your customers behave, […]

Newspapers – what could they do differently?

After reading this brilliant rant against the established media, mainly News Limited’s criticism of Google, I eventually arrived at the ‘yeah but’ question. Newspapers have repeatedly struggled with the internet due to a lack of understanding on its mechanics and the power of the internet to substitute them. They’ve attempted different business models and all […]

Email = the appearance of service

If you are an ecommerce site you tend not to talk to your customers much, if at all. So if you’re looking to build a relationship with the customer, you need to appear to provide service. To achieve this, email is a key tool. Email keeps the customer informed and it is automatic, cheap, can […]

Text links versus Google Adwords

I’ve recently been looking at ways of achieving critical mass for lead generation. The two that came through strongly were text links on publisher websites and Google Adwords on the google search engine. I want to be able to achieve critical mass relatively quickly and as cheaply as I can.  So I set about crunching […]

Google as a brand measure

One of the biggest mistakes by marketers new to Google is handing over Google Adwords and Search to an advertising agency. I include SEO practitioners as agencies within that context. The real value of Google is not in the lead generation, which is important tactical execution, but in critical bits of information about brand and […]

SEO Account Director / SEO Account Manager

  We have some new and exciting roles available. Have a look at the SEO AD role. CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide senior client account ownership and strategic oversight Manage a multi-lingual SEO client team Lead implementation and management of appropriate SEO tools and analytics tools Define, document, and implement best practices for SEO analysis and reporting, […]

Most valuable BRIC brands

There are some v cool infographics coming out of BrandZ right now. Heres a very good BRIC one. It shows the world is now being taken over by fast growing businesses most of us have never heard of. The world is changing. You will be able to learn alot of things about the SEO and […]

SEO in 2011

Reading some interesting opinions on the future ranking signals got me thinking. My team is running some interesting experiments on Google Places at the moment and we have also been running some seeding campaign lately. Based on the effects these have had and the recent announcements from Google Ive come up with some predictions. For […]

hyundai i40 reveal

The latest reveal from Hyundai is v cool. I’ve just signed up to the Facebook app from the Hyundai i40 website to control the cameras around the car. It plays it back in a nice light show and has become very addictive. HiRes have also put together an behind the scenes video of the warehouse. […]

Ray Ozzies pastorama

After having a giggle at FakeSteve, I checked out the post in question. Internet services disruption is a step back in time to 2005. It examines the landscape and opportunities available setting a clear direction for Microsoft in the next 5 years. Excerpts include: The power of the advertising-supported economic model. Digital Advertising to rule […]