Julian Grainger

Head of SEO at Unique

Changes to Childcare Vouchers in 2018

childcare vouchers changes 2018

Millions of parents all over the country who are paying for childcare are anxious about the changes that will be implemented in the new childcare voucher scheme. The existing childcare voucher allows people to save thousands of cash per year when availing childcare services. During first glance, the system may not sound too much, but […]

Why You Should Integrate a Reservation System Website with Google Calendar

One of the most sensitive industries in the world today is the hospitality industry. Customer service should be at its best, and that is the reason those in the business of hospitality should have a 360-degree view of their customers. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is through synchronisation of bookings with […]

Don’t pay too much for your Google Adwords

Number one ranking for nearly every Google Adwords search term? Best read this because you may be paying too much. Google Adwords provides a great interface to choose relevant keywords that people are searching for with their keyword tool. But there are several drawbacks if you’re new to using it and your required cost per […]

Google hacked

So there you are on your private wireless network at home moving documents and someone intercepts it. Or you’re on internet banking and someone scans your session. Or you’re just on the internet, say Facebook, and someone downloads or monitors this information. You’ve been hacked. Google recently “accidentally recorded data from unsecured domestic Wi-fi” when […]

Assessing demand on the internet

One of the most difficult things to understand when you are launching a website is the level of demand that exists for your ecommerce offering. Many ecom websites dis-intermediate the supply process for products that have been established through real wold stores through traditional distribution. As a result there will be a wide number of […]

Will 2.0 kill CPM

Two websites, two successful launches, two very, very interesting results – at least for the advertising business. The latest nzx.com release followed findata.co.nz in blazing its way into web 2.0 land. Of interest in both were the introduction of news based content alongside their core content – share trading data and information. Both clearly looking […]

When CPA is silly

On the advertising side of the business we were recently asked whether we would allow an advertiser on under a cost per acquisition basis. This means we get a fee if we source a sale for them but we don’t get paid for the space they take up with their advert. Fair enough you’d think […]

Happy birthday www

It’s 20 years old last Friday 6th August! After the internet celebrated it’s 40th in 2009, Berners Lee’s www experiment is the next to shout. I remember this as in late 1991 we too could jump on bulletin boards at Massey University in NZ via the Waikato Uni gateway (or was it ’92!). Ever since that […]

F Commerce – the fight for online advocates

No it’s not an expletive. F-Commerce is the brand many now apply to the those situations when you’re ‘doing business on Facebook’. I’ve come across an interesting white paper about F-Commerce today. (READ: It was sent to me by our sister agencies marketing types). There is a very good overview of everything about commerce in Facebook. […]